UTACF Administrators 

Administrative Structure of UTACF:

1. www.utacf.org is the official website run and managed by UTACF (its official correspondence email are utsacf_09@hotmail.com & utacf10@gmail.com)

2. UTACF itself consists of a president and a general secretary selected from among its official members. The job and duty of the president and the secretary is to look after and maintain the association proficiently and ensure internal competency and cohesiveness. Any legal and official works, tasks and correspondence come within the jurisdiction of the president and secretary. Currently, Sujan Tanchangya and Shuva Langker Tanchangya are acting as the president and general secretary of UTACF respectively.

3. UTACF also has a Chief Coordinator in Bangladesh who acts on behalf of the President and General Secretary in carrying out and supervising various projects undertaken by UTACF. The Chief Coordinator is also responsible for all financial and organizational affairs in Bangladesh proper. Presently, Dalim Kumar Tanchangya is the Chief Coordinator.

4. UTACF has an Assistant Secretary for Public/International Affairs whose mandate is to coordinate various aspects of public and international affairs that are of interest to the organization and the community. Ven. Tajay Bongsa is the current Assistant Secretary for Public/International Affairs.  

5. UTACF has an online ‘Admin Committee’ of not more than five active members to manage and maintain its official site. The duty of the Admin Committee is to develop and maintain the standard and contents of the site with updates on a regular basis. The Admin Committee also acts as UTACF’s academic and cultural ‘Board of Advisors’. The Admin Committee is also the Executive Committee. The Admin Committee members are the official ‘editors’ of any content and article posted in its online site.


The Admin Committee members:

1. Sujohn Tanchangya (The University of Hong Kong),

2. Shuva Langker Tanchangya (University of Peradeniya, SriLanka)

3. Assaji Tanchangya (University of London),

4. Jay Talukder (Kathmandu University, Nepal), and

5. Dalim Kumar Tanchangya (Khulna University, Bangladesh).


Senior Advisory Committee:

1. Dr. Joydhon Tanchangya, Bangladesh.

2. Rajyo Mohan Tanchangya, Sri Lanka