United Tanchangya Academic and Cultural Forum (UTACF)

The ‘United Tanchangya Academic & Cultural Forum’ (UTACF) is a forum of the progressive Tanchangya academic & cultural activists at home and abroad.


Aims and Objective:


UTACF is a non-political academic, socio-religious & cultural Tanchangya association committed to its following five aims and objectives:-


1. To forge unity and friendship among the Tanchangyas/Tanchangya youths, both at home and abroad, and to mobilize concerted actions (a) to protect and promote Tanchangya culture, history, and religion, and (b) to uplift the social, economic, and educational conditions of the Tanchangyas.


2. To facilitate the exchange of academic and socio-religious & cultural information, knowledge, views and ideas, talents and creativity between and among the Tanchangya youths & students living abroad and home via digital technologies, particularly via the social media.


3. To enable and engage the Tanchangya youths & students, at home and living abroad, to partner and participate in constructive dialogues involving, among other things, cultural and religious diversity, and to contribute to shaping global agenda on intercultural and interreligious tolerance, understanding, respect and acceptance.


4. To generate awareness on the need for modern constructive education for the Tanchangya youths & students while initiating love and feelings for and a sense of responsibility and duty-bound towards their own Tanchangya Community and 


5. To act as a communication 'channel' between the Tanchangyas living abroad and the Tanchangyas living at home…


UTACF hopes to act as the holistic representative of the Tanchangya people in the reevaluation, preservation, promotion and propagation of its culture, history, tradition, language and religion in the modern digital world from modern constructive and creative perspectives of our members. UTACF also hopes its members, well-wishers and friends would cooperate and contribute to its ideal in keeping the progressive Tanchangyas up-to-date with modern demands and changes.