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  • Jawn

It is a suffix for the noun such as Person, man etc. For example - Manuit ek jawn, a person, man etc.


  • khawa        

One thing for saying animal, round thing, container such as bottle, shirt,  umbrella,  for      plastic bag, mate, book, pen, mountain, pillow, torch light, cloud (by adding  caga (lump      of cloud)), man, woman etc, Pagoda, marble, head, dead body.

For eg. Mawa ek-khawa (a dead body)


  • An                      

For long thing such as fan, one word of speech, piece of paper, table, chair, river, spoon,    blanket , Airplane, bus, wire, monastery, catapult  scale,

Rawt tinnan (three airplanes)

  • Pawt  

For saying type of curry,

Sawn tin pawt (three kinds of curry)

  • Dawl   

Group such as one group one   child, thief.

Su ekdawl (a gang of robber)

  • Pal               

For group such as a herd of cattle, elephant, school of fish, cow, goat,

For eg. Guru ek-pal (a herd of cattle).

All the readers are warmly welcomed whatever constructed suggestion do  have  you, for the improvement of the above grammatical rule in Tanchangya Language.

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Shuva Tanchangya
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Thank you for sharing these noun-suffixes!!! They are indeed very important!!!!


****Unity is Strenght****

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