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Dear  Member,

It is my pleasure to put in the discussion about the Tanchangya's Script for expressing our own language.Shall we  Either  use the Chakma script or Bengali script or Roman form or we make our own way script? Either any step we have to take. If we late we will be able to take further step of development of our nation.  Without our own script we cannot express our language. Although we our language may be limited for expressing the modern Technological term but it does not make any problem. We can depend on our closer language form such as Pali, Sanskrit, Assamese, Prakrit, Bengali, Hindi, and other Buddhist countries' languages including Thai, Myanmar, Cambodia and so on who also make their word depend of Pali, Sanskrit, and even English also have to borrow it for expressing the modern Technological and Scientific Terminology.  And those have the idea for creating new font  are giving the notice. I am waiting for  your kind advice,suggestion  and discussion for implement this big hindrances for our Tanchangya community.

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