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A short illuminate Biography of Most Respected Venerable Agga Vangsha Mahathera

Posted by UTACF Admin Committee on February 3, 2012 at 10:45 AM

[ Writer: Ariya Jyoti Tanchangya, Gender:Male, Location: Yangon,  Myanmar, Email:]

Chittagong HillTract is surrounded with rich natural heritage. The people adopt friendly withthe nature so they are healthy, strong, fair complexion and simple mind. Theareas who are inhabited in CHT are mainly indigenous group of people. The areais really attractive which is decorated by valleys, mountains, canals,especially the three districts namely-Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari inthe CHT. I hope it will be good and beneficial for them those who areinterested to study about the indigenous groups who are really rich withcultural, social, etc. heritages. CHT is a Buddhist inhabited area where mostof the Buddhist villages can see Buddhist temples and shrines.

Monkand novice are endowed with morality, concentration and wisdom in silently andalso preach the teaching of the Buddha in far and remotes areas. In the morningand evening time the lay devotees honour to the Buddha with candle, flower,incense stick and so on .In the eight day of waxing and waning of moon the laypeople observe eight precepts .Moreover they also honour and revere to the lord Buddha in every full moon days  in the remarkable day of the Buddhistliterature. According to the Buddhism we used to give priority mainly the fullmoon days, because on that full moon moment the great teacher of Lord Buddharealized some kinds omniscient knowledge such as in the full moon day ofVesakha realized the Great Enlightenment which was searching by him sinceimmeasurable time ago which helped him to eradicate all defilement by realizingthe knowledge of four noble truth, dependent Origination and so on.Invitationday (Pavarana) to kathika in every temple held Kathina robe ceremony. Now theChittagong hill tract is well-known in the mirror of the world for Buddhistconcentrated area.

                Half century ago the ChittagongHill Tract was full of different compare to up-to-date moment. Though most ofthe village possessed temple but available with monk and novice .On that timethe society fall in the depth of the ocean of ignorance.

Approximatelyhundred years ago Her Excellency Queen Kalindi capital was Rajanagar hadreceived Royal High Priest from the clan of the origin of Arakanese mostVenerable SaramedhaMahathera set up boundary (sima) in order to give the chanceto ordain higher ordination of the existed monks in according to the pristineorder of Buddhism again. But finally Buddhism was declined because of nothaving the enough monks to propagate Buddhism. The monks are mainly Arakaneseand Barua origin.

Theochre robe wears the Luri and their religious is “Agartara” which helped tothem to perform various form of religious deeds namely worship to the LordShiva and so on. Actually “Agartara” also apart of Tipi taka .because of theexcess recopied from one form to another it automatically changed into anotherstyle of structure. They advised and taught to sacrifice the helpless animalsfor recovering the illness, unfortunate condition, marriage ceremony and so on.

 In such ignored moment the Buddhist society inChittagong Hill Tracts Chakma King Tridiv Roy taken advised from the royal andintelligent people. Former leader of M.L.A Mr. Kamini Mohan Dewan, Mr. RoyBhadhur ,Mr. Birupakkha Roy, Mr. Biraj Mohan Dewan retired Deputy Magistrate,BalabadraTalukdhar ,Mr. SubimalDewan Mr. Sasanka  Kumar Dewan Mr. Dharma Mohan ,Mr. Gukulchandra ,Mr. Hansha ,Mr. Krishna MohanDewanKhisa , Mr. NiranjanDrona, Mr. HangshaDajjaChakma ,TusthaMoni and Dr.Chitra Gupta Chakmaetc were the social reformers taken the decision with  Chakma King His Majesty Tridiv Roy inBangladesh to the Sixth Buddhist Synod Member, eloquent in Tipitaka ,internationally eminent Late  mostVenerable AggaVangshaMahathera from Yangon in Myanmar.

  In December last week 1957respected venerableAggaVaṃsaMahathera visited in the Chittagong Hill Tract in his birth place wasat Kutubdiya under P.O. &P.S- of Bilaichari the district of Rangamati .Notso far from the King palace the king established a beautiful monastery .inJanuary first week in 1958 had received Royal patriarch the most venerableAggaVaṃsaBhikkhu with religious revered ceremony. Though his biography is shortbut I think it may play an important role in the modern society.

                Kutubdiya is the sub-district ofBilaichari in Rangamati District which situated in the RayinKeyang River. From thisgoldenriver many great people appeared such as famous writer in Abhidhammaexcellent in Sutta, Vinaya and Abidhamma Late Venerable KhemankaraMahathera andfounder President of Tri RatnaBhikkhu association prominent preacher LateVenerable Ariya Nanda Mahatheraetc great persons were born in this Rain KheyangRiver.

TheRayinKheyangarea is really attractive with natural heritage.Most of the peopleare Buddhist.At that time the people of Kutubdiya village are well-known inbusiness, literacy, agriculture among the Tanchangya people in CHT.

Ateacher name Mr. IndraMoni taught primary teacher at Kutubdia since many yearsfrom Rowang .Now the founder president of ParbatyaBhikkhuSangha (Bangladesh)AggaMahapandhita, AggaMahaSadhammaJotikadvajja title by Myanmar governmentteacher of pristine teaching in C.H.T. late venerable AggaVangshaMahthera wasborn on November 23, 1913 at the prosperous Kutubdia village in an auspiciousmoment .His father is Mr. Rudra Singh and mother is Mrs. IchabatiTanchangya.Theyare four brothers and two sisters.He was the youngest sibling. In his childhoodhe was very handsome so that he was called by the name of Phulo, which meanflower in Tanchangya language.As we all know the flower is beautiful appearanceand like by everybody. Then his name became PhulanathTanchangya. His fathername was   Mr. Rudra Singh was adistinguish person in the Tanchangya society. Mr. Katrick Chandra was the headman of Balalchara village and reared on agriculture.Mr. Bakkali Amu head man inthe Chakrachari village was a pious man because he used to encourage and helpto do meritorious deeds in his neighbor as well as to the Kutubdiya villager atBagaltali where they set up a monastery in 1936.In 1941 at this temple theyperformed the “Katina Civara Dana” the excellent generous festival in theBuddhist literature.

Inhis young age PhulanathTanchangya completed primary level under teacherIndraMoniwho came from Rowang in Myanmar.He (venerable monk) renounced his home, wife,son and daughter and taken ordination at the Lord Abbot of Bagaltali Buddhisttemple venerable TissaMahathera during the full moon day of Vesakha in1939.Under the Lord Abbot of RanguniyaIcchamatiDathuCetya Complex LateVenerable Dharma Nanda Mahathera received primary, middle and degree successfullyin Buddhism. Moreover, he received his higher ordination under the preceptorLord abbot of Bagaltali Buddhist temple the same of his novice preceptor in1942 in the full moon day of Vesakha.Then his preceptor given the name of venerableAggaVaṃsaBhikkhu .After a few month of his receiving higherordination he leavedBagaltali Buddhist temple and received as a preceptor of the staying monk atChittagong eminent in Tipitaka and the teacher of Vipassana venerableAnandaMitra and started to learn Tipitaka Doctrine and Vipassana meditation.Both his novice and monk preceptor meditated in the depth of the jungle bysolidarity in each mountain at Kutubdiya Village.

Hehad taken decision as well as advised from his friends to go abroad for furtherstudies in Buddhism.In 1948 he leaved Bangladesh to acquire further Buddhiststudies in Yangon, Myanmar. He studied at Letperang University and KamihedhaUniversity and completed successfully with flying colour the Master degree andalso title TipitakaVisarada in Pali Literature in Yangon, Myanmar. In the yearof 1952 his mother passed away peacefully and done the meritorious deeds forher future happy destinyfrom avoiding the woeful rebirth.

In1954-56 which held the Sixth Buddhist Synod in Yangon, the most venerableAggaVangsha was the delegate of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) of the SynodMember.The member the Synod rechecked and reedited the books which were writtenby various writers in Buddhism are Tipitaka (Pali Cannon), Commentaries and Sub-Commentaries.

 He practised meditation with VenerableSugataPriyo in Myanmar and on December 1957 of the same year he returned toBangladesh. In 1958 he visited his birth place at Kutubdiya and received him warmlyas the Chakma Royal Patriarch in the Royal Monastery in Rangamati. Thenvenerable Mahathera started to struggle in order to free to the Buddhistfollowers from the shell of ignorance. He decided to the existed monks in orderto preach the pristine teaching to the societies by establishing an organizationandfounded successfully by the name of “ParbatyaBhikkhuSangha” in 1958 and wasselected him as the President of that organization.

Heset up Pali College at Royal Monastery (Raj Vihar) for sharing the Palilanguage with the Buddhist society in the Chittagong Hill Tract in the year of1960.The great ascetic monk in the Chittagong Hill Tract name MostRespected  Venerable SaddhananandhaMahatherawho has fame and well-known for his braveness of searching the way to the pathof realizing the supreme Bliss of Nibbana received his Higher Ordination andparticipated by the venerable Mahathera at Miyawni ,Bawal Khali, Dighinala inKhagrachari district in   1961.

Inthe year of 1964 he exchanged the written opinion with the Prime Minister ofSri Lanka relating to the interest of Chittagong Hill Tracts. As in theBuddhism mainly known to all about the monk who had completed his ten years ofMonkhood used to give or receive him as a Thera (Elder) and in his twenty yearsof Monkhood we used to receive to them as a Mahathera (Great Elder). In thesame way when Venerable Mahathera had reached in his twenty years of Monkhoodhe was received with highest veneration in the Royal Monastery (Raj Vihara) byhome and abroad delegates in the year of 1965.

Therewas a twenty-fifth Annual General Meeting in the association of BhikkhuParibashin 1966 which is holding for fifteen days at Ghat Check Dharma MitraVihar,Ranguniya; it was by him who delivered the written message by lecture. For thewelfare of the people of Chittagong Hill Tract in 1967, he exchanged thewritten opinion with the Prime Minister of United States of America relating totheir interest.   

 After carried out the missionary work ofBuddhism in Bangladesh he leaved for India ……………and returned in Bangladesh in2001. During his staying in India many people got benefited from him such as hetaught the Pali language to the Professors of the University of Calcutta.

 In his life not only he preached the teachingof the Buddha but also written a lot of journals, articles, and ticked sizedbooks in Bengali, English and Chakma language. Some of his books which waswritten by him in his lifetime such as: Manab Dharma Panchasila, Genocide ofChittagong Hill Tract, SramaneraKartabya, Buddha Pasana (Lokuttara and Lokiya),SamavayaBuddha Passana, Buddha Panjika, Parinam(drama) ManglaSutta in Chakma song .Dueto financial problem venerable Mahathera could not able to publish and printout about twenty-six books which are so important for monk, and lay people forrealizing the noble  teaching  of the Buddha. These books areAbhidhammathaSanghaha, Buddha O Rabindranath, Dharma O Somaj,  Dharshan O Vidharshan, MahaManab GautamaBuddha, Buddhar  Abadan(3 Volumes )etc.

Venerablemonk participated at the hall of Kolkata, Maha Bodhi Society in the GreatConference of Nikhil Bharat Sangha by the invitation of the government ofIndia. By the kind help of venerable monk the organization of“ShishuKarunaSangha” at Kolkata was founded by the most VenerableBimalTissa andalso the selected president of that organization.Venerable one has visitedEuropean countries nmaely Germany, United Kingdom, Netherland, France,Switzerland, Poland, Holland, Norway, Russia, in the  European countries and in AsianCountries  at Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar,Thailand,Singapore, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, Maldives for delivering the noblepeace message of the Buddha in the Seminar and Conference.

In2004 he was awarded the respected title of “AggaMahaSadhammaJotikadvajja”by theMyanmar Government.  After spending hislifetime for ninety-four year and sixty-seven years of his monkhood for thewelfare of all being he passed away peacefully at 9:30 P.M. on January 05, 2008at Royal Monastery (Raj Vihar) at Rangamati. The loss of venerable monk was agreat lost in the societies. Before Twenty-five days of venerable monk of hispassing away I  was visited him and paidhomage to him and said to him ,as Lord those who are ordained from Tanchangyacommunity are very less right now. Then he said to me “All things are impermanent”.Everything is changing in every moment. We are staying at this human worldaccording to our past action. As venerable monk are no more with us but hisdeeds are memorable which will shine forever in this human world which he haddone for the societies in various ways. If we really want to revere himcordially we have to try to publish his books which are not yet publish. Thenfrom those books many people will get the benefit which will help them to befreed from the bondage of ignorance by applying the true teaching of Buddha intheir daily life. Though i try my best to write and elaborate as far as I knowabout but the great person qualities cannot express out. Because the qualitieswhat they possessed are not external thing which can be seen and recognizedeasily by everybody.

Bylearning the short biography of venerable Aga Vaṃsa if any one confess and copyhis life and career then I hope I will get a lot of merit and through thatmerit may I be free from the worldly suffering by getting out from the shell ofignorance by realizing the e supreme bliss of Nibbana.

May all beings behappy and live long!


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