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Higher Education of Tanchangya's before 1994

Posted by UTACF Admin Committee on June 28, 2013 at 12:30 PM

[ Information Source: Tanchangya Jati- By: Ratikanto Tanchangya ]

**** Honors/ Degree/ Masters*****

1. Ishwarchandra Tanchangya-    B.A

2. Jatindro prasad Tanchangya- B.Com, LLB EPCS

3. Shovarani Talukder- B.A

4. Gyana Ranjon Tanchangya - B.A (Hons) M.A, B.Ed.

5. Satya Bikas Tanchangya- B.Sc, B.Ed.

6. Mongchanu Tanchangya- B.A

7. Dinanath Tanchangya- LLB (Hons), LLM

8. Renu Tanchangya- B.A

9. Diptimoy Tanchangya- B.Sc, BE

10. Adoi Ranjan Talukder- B.A

11. Bithi Tanchangya- B.A, B.Ed, TMA

12. Bidhu Vusan Tanchangya- B.A, B.Ed

13. Nibaron Chandra Tanchangya- B.A

14. Jyosna Tanchangya- B.A

15. Jogesh Chandra Tanchangya- B.A (Hons), M.A

16. Milon Kanti Tanchangya- B.S.S (Hons), M.S S

17. Babu Lal Tanchangya- B.A

18. Snigdha Tanchangya- M.A

19. Rajendra Lal Tanchangya- B.A (Hons), M.A

20. Krita Ranjon Talukder- B.S.S (Hons), M.S.S

21. Mitali Talukder- M.B.B.S

22. Sulekha Tanchangya- M.A (Candidate)

23. Amita Tanchangya M.A (Candidate)

24. Jyosna Tanchangya - B.Sc

25. Utpal  Tanchangya- B.A

26. Bishwajit Tanchangya- B.A

27. Dipon Tanchangya- B.Sc

28. Khema Ranjon Tanchangya- B.A

29. Provat Chandra Talukdar- B.A

30. Nirmal Chandra Talukder- B.A

31. Doya Ram Tanchangya- B.A

32. Sunil kanti Tanchangya- B.A

33. Citta Ranjan Tanchangya- B.A

34. Mano Ranjan Tanchangya-B.A

35. Amol Bikas Tanchangya- B.A

36. Jita Talukder-B.A

37. Shupta Tanchangya- B.A

38. Harish Chandra Tanchangya- B.A

39. Nandiyo Tanchangya- B.A

40. Rupashree Tanchangya- B.A

41. Pradip Kumar Tanchangya- B.A

42. Dilip Kumar Tanchangya- B.A

43. Udoy Sangkar Tanchangya-B.A

44. Anupam Tanchangya- B.Sc, B.E

45. Bidhan Chandra Tanchangya- B.Sc

46. Boudhi Chandra Tanchangya- B.A

***** Diploma Engineer*****

1. Naba Kumar Tanchangya

2. Dudu Ram Tanchangya

3. Kanchon Tanchangya

4. Sudotta Tanchangya

**** Diploma in Agriculture *****

1. Rajanikanto Tanchangya

2. Shiro Moni Tanchangya

3. Nandiyo  Tanchangya

4. Dibbeyndu Tanchangya

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