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Information About United Tanchangya Academic & Cultural Forum (UTACF)

Posted by UTACF Admin Committee on February 13, 2012 at 11:00 AM


The ‘United Tanchangya Academic & Cultural Forum’ (UTACF) is a forum of the progressive Tanchangya academic & cultural activists at home and abroad.

Aims and Objective:

UTACF is a non-political academic, socio-religious & cultural Tanchangya association committed to its following five aims and objectives:-

1. To forge unity and friendship among the Tanchangyas/Tanchangya youths, both at home and abroad, and to mobilize concerted actions (a) to protect and promote Tanchangya culture, history, and religion, and (b) to uplift the social, economic, and educational conditions of the Tanchangyas.

2. To facilitate the exchange of academic and socio-religious & cultural information, knowledge, views and ideas, talents and creativity between and among the Tanchangya youths & students living abroad and home via digital technologies, particularly via the social media.

3. To enable and engage the Tanchangya youths & students, at home and living abroad, to partner and participate in constructive dialogues involving, among other things, cultural and religious diversity, and to contribute to shaping global agenda on intercultural and interreligious tolerance, understanding, respect and acceptance.

4. To generate awareness on the need for modern constructive education for the Tanchangya youths & students while initiating love and feelings for and a sense of responsibility and duty-bound towards their own Tanchangya Community and 

5. To act as a communication 'channel' between the Tanchangyas living abroad and the Tanchangyas living at home…

UTACF hopes to act as the holistic representative of the Tanchangya people in the reevaluation, preservation, promotion and propagation of its culture, history, tradition, language and religion in the modern digital world from modern constructive and creative perspectives of our members. UTACF also hopes its members, well-wishers and friends would cooperate and contribute to its ideal in keeping the progressive Tanchangyas up-to-date with modern demands and changes.

Administrative Structure of UTACF:

1. is the official website run and managed by UTACF (its official correspondence email are &

2. UTACF itself consists of a president and a general secretary selected from among its official members. The job and duty of the president and the secretary is to look after and maintain the association proficiently and ensure internal competency and cohesiveness. Any legal and official works, tasks and correspondence come within the jurisdiction of the president and secretary. Currently, Sujan Tanchangya and Shuva Langker Tanchangya are acting as the president and general secretary of UTACF respectively.

3. UTACF also has a Chief Coordinator in Bangladesh who acts on behalf of the President and General Secretary in carrying out and supervising various projects undertaken by UTACF. The Chief Coordinator is also responsible for all financial and organizational affairs in Bangladesh proper. Presently, Dalim Kumar Tanchangya is the Chief Coordinator.

4. UTACF has an Assistant Secretary for Public/International Affairs whose mandate is to coordinate various aspects of public and international affairs that are of interest to the organization and the community. Ven. Tajay Bongsa is the current Assistant Secretary for Public/International Affairs.  

5. UTACF has an online ‘Admin Committee’ of not more than five active members to manage and maintain its official site. The duty of the Admin Committee is to develop and maintain the standard and contents of the site with updates on a regular basis. The Admin Committee also acts as UTACF’s academic and cultural ‘Board of Advisors’. The Admin Committee is also the Executive Committee. The Admin Committee members are the official ‘editors’ of any content and article posted in its online site.

The Admin Committee members are:

1. Sujan Tanchangya (The University of Hong Kong),

2. Shuva Langker Tanchangya (University of Peradeniya, SriLanka)

3. Assaji Tanchangya (University of London),

4. Dhammadipa Talukder (Kathmandu University, Nepal), and

5. Dalim Kumar Tanchangya (Khulna University, Bangladesh).

Senior Advisory Committee:

1. Sukumar Tanchangya (Rahula), Australia.

2. Dr. Joydhon Tanchangya, Bangladesh.

3. Rajyo Mohan Tanchangya, Sri Lanka

Two kinds of UTACF memberships:

Official Membership: Any Tanchangyas/Tanchangya student of the levels of university, college, school or any related educational institution can apply for and is entitled to official membership of UTACF who would then have the right to express his/her creative and constructive opinions and suggestions with regard to its decision-making process and also has the responsibility to make academic, cultural (and financial contributions if/when required), in any form, to UTACF’s academic and cultural activities and undertakings.

Online Membership: Non-Tanchangyas of any national are also welcomed to join the UTACF’s online membership as online observers, friends, well-wishers and online critiques and creative commentators. Online members do not, however, have the right, in any way, to interfere in the internal decisions of UTACF. UTACF’s online Admin Committee preserves the unconditional right to accept, decline or ban any applicant who, if it believes, would be derogatory, indecent and irresponsible towards the aims and objectives, contents and activities of UTACF.

# Any progressive Tanchangya, other than as tudent, can be an online member and/or a member of UTACF’s Board of Advisors.

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