Tanchangya People

The word “Tong” means Hill and “Taugya” means Jhum (Hilltop Sweden cultivation). So, the word Tanchangya means Hill Sweden farmer. Tanchangya peoples have been living in CHT since its prehistoric age. Now-a-days Tanchangya peoples live in Rangamati, Bandarban, Roisyabili & Sadhikyabili (Chittagong district), Ukhia and Teknaf (Cox’s bazaar district) areas of the Bangladesh. Tanchangyas also live in North-east Indian states (Asam, Tripura, and Mizoram) and Arakan state of the Myanmar.

Ancient Name: Doinnak

Modern Standardized Spelling: Tanchangya

Alternative names and Spellings: Tang, Tong, Tongchongya, Tanteungya, Tongchangya, Doingnak

Population: 31,164 in CHT [Census: 2001] According to  Rangamati District administration (2004) 50,000 ..

Gasha/Clan: Tanchangya community consists of about 12 Gasha. But in Bangladesh there are seven Gosha. These are (1) Karua Gosha (2) Dunya Gosha (3) Mou Gosha (4) Mongla Gosha (5) Lambacha Gosha (6) Millong Gosha (7) Ongya Gosha (W.W.Hunter; 1876).

Religion: Buddhism (Theravada) and Animism

Language: Tanchangya (dialect) [Tanchangya language consists of Pali, Prakrit and ancient Bengali]

Alphabet: Tanchangyas have own Alphabets.

Main Livelihood: Hilltop cultivation (jhum).

Physiology: Mongoloid

Educational Percentage: 23%

Average marriageable age: 20 year

Festivals: Bishu, Bhudda Purnima, kathino chivar dan.

Traditional game: Ghila kala, Nahdeng kala, Gudhu kala.

Food: Rice, vegetable, cidhol, dry fishes.

Special characteristic: Cool in nature, Religious, Hospitable, Musical, Hard worker etc.

Honorable Person: Venerable Agga Vangsha Mahathera, Biro Kumar Tanchangya, Ratikanta Tanchangya.


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